31 May 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Marks & Spencer Limited Collection High Heel Bow Platform Shoes

I have a very long list of English shops which I would love to transplant to New Zealand. High on that list is M&S, and not just because their 5-pack cotton briefs are the best knickers ever. Although maybe not the sexiest.

One thing that surprised me about M&S was their shoe range - I didn't expect them to produce pretty shoes like these:

Bow and polka dots and platform oh my.

The Limited Collection High Heel Bow Platform Shoes are £29.50 from M&S, whose delivery charge to New Zealand is at the higher end of the spectrum at £15. Never mind, they'll have a whole variety of new summer shoes in when we go over next year. Also, did I mention we're going to England next year? Is it too early to be getting excited?

30 May 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Victorian Framed Rose Hips Necklace from Fable and Fury

When I was little I thought rosehips and roses were two different plants. Mind you I also thought toadstools were actual toads' stools, so my gardening knowledge was hardly to be relied upon.

Now that I'm older and slightly more knowledgeable about gardening (only slightly, my dead plants outnumber the ones that have managed to stay alive), I appreciate rosehips because they're pretty. As is this necklace:

The Victorian Frame Rose Hips and Leaves silhouette necklace is made from silver satin stainless steel and is US$26.00 from FableAndFury on Etsy. It's also available in black or red stainless steel.

29 May 2011

Some changes at Pretty Clever

Hello my pretties. You may have noticed that my posting at Pretty Clever over the last few months has been a bit sporadic, for one reason and another. During this time I've been mulling over the direction I want to take Pretty Clever in. When I first started Pretty Clever over two years ago my intention was to write a makeup and nail polish blog, but of its own accord (yes, my blog is sentient) Pretty Clever seemed to take itself more and more in the direction of being a blog about pretty things in fashion. And so I started to feel that posts about makeup didn't quite gel with the feeling of this blog.

Well in the serendipitious way that these things have of happening, Joanna from Pretty Pretty Pretty approached me and asked me to write for them. Now I've been reading Pretty Pretty Pretty since about the same time I started writing Pretty Clever. It's a New Zealand-based beauty blog that I love, and I've been lucky enough to become friends with a couple of the writers there, so writing for them seems like a great fit.

So what that means is, Pretty Clever will continue, and will be the place I blog about shoes and dresses and jewellery and all other things pretty in fashion - and hopefully the Daily Dose of Pretty will actually go back to being, you know, daily! Meanwhile, if you want to read about my nail polish and makeup adventures, join me and the other gorgeous ladies at Pretty Pretty Pretty.

Selina xx