31 March 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Irregular Choice Fresh Cut Grass Mary Jane Pump

Irregular Choice would have to be my favourite shoe brand. Some of their designs are a little on the outrageous side, but some of them are just too adorable. Like these:

How ridiculously cute are they? And just look at the design on the sole. These are firmly in the "if I don't have them I will cry" category. There will be tears.

The Fresh Cut Grass Mary Jane Pump (seriously, Irregular Choice? Seriously?) are US$155.00 from Endless.

30 March 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Skirt by B Original

Following on from yesterday's "curtain fabric but in a good way" post, today's pretty looks like it was made from curtain fabric from the 70s. But in a good way.

That's a very bold print and I'm pretty sure my friend's parents had curtain made from this when I was a kid, but again I like it! On sale for NZ$70.40 from New Zealand store B Original.

29 March 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Black Lace Print Pocket Dress from Dorothy Perkins

I have to say there's a bit of a "curtain fabric" feel to this dress. And y'know, I quite like it that way:

It's certainly far sexier than anything Julie Andrews ever whipped up from the curtains, isn't it?

The Black Lace Print Pocket Dress is £26.60 on sale from Dorothy Perkins.

28 March 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Mancienne Ankle Strap Platform from YesStyle

Oh look. Bubblegum pink platform shoes with a chunky heel.

Yeah, these shoes pretty much have "Selina" written all over them. Not literally, obviously. Unless it was in invisible ink. Admittedly I'd prefer them without the ankle strap because you have to have long slim legs to get away with that, and mine are neither!

The Mancienne Ankle Strap Platforms are US$28.80 from YesStyle.

27 March 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Daisy Shirt by Deadly is the Female

Hello all, and apologies for my extended absence. My MS flared up again and prevented me from blogging for a while thanks to bad double vision. However I'm back now, no longer seeing two of everything, and I have a pretty for you from a shop with quite possibly one of the awesomest names ever - Deadly is the Female:

Daisy Shirt (£55.00).

I don't often wear shirts because my big boobs make the buttons gape. So frankly I think they'd look pretty awesome in this one!

The name of the shop makes me think of this song, which I love: