13 April 2009

I hate green - except maybe this green

I know I promised that my next post would be about saving vs splurging on makeup, but I'm still working on that one and in the meantime I found these nail polishes from the M.A.C. Sugarsweet Collection and had to post about them. The peach (Seasonal Peach) is pretty, but it's the green that caught my eye. Called Peppermint Patti, it's a green that I actually would wear and given that green is one of my least favourite colours that's really saying something. I've never tried M.A.C.'s nail polishes before but I might just have to pop into the nearest M.A.C. store and whip out the credit card for this one!

The rest of the collection is gorgeous too, although I have a feeling the sugary shades may be a little young for me!

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