27 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Nine Body Coverage dress

When the Eccentric English Boyfriend and I were in Queenstown earlier this year, we stumbled upon clothing store Nine Body Coverage whilst wandering down a side street. My eye was caught by the bright prints and feminine shapes of the clothes in the window so of course I HAD to go in (d'uh!). Lucky for me they were in the midst of a sale, and I came out with a gorgeous and flattering skirt.

Today's pretty is from Nine's Winter 2009 collection, which has just been released.

I love the feminine shapes and the eyecatching prints of all their clothes. This gorgeous dress is going to give those curves some va-va-voom (and who doesn't like a bit of that every now and then?).

All of Nine's clothes are designed and made in Queenstown. If you're in Queenstown pop into the shop and have a look for yourself, their clothes are also available by mail order from the website.

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