08 July 2009

Another haul and some swatches, including a request

I've got a couple of polish swatches for you today, including a special request from Zeb who asked in the comments of a previous post to see the Maybelline Jewels n' Berries I bought the other day.

So here it is:

This is ... nice. Zeb I think this would be gorgeous on your nails, but it's just not dramatic enough for me. There are some pluses: really nice application in two coats, chock-full of glitter which gave it a beautiful shimmer, and a nice glossy finish. As soon as I started putting it on I knew it wasn't for me, so knowing I wouldn't be keeping it I didn't bother putting Seche Vite over the top, but it had a gorgeous gloss to it even without.

So off came Jewels n' Berries, and up rolled the postman with my newest Barry M haul - such felicitous timing!

Left to right: Tangerine, Racing Green, Mint Green, Cyan Blue, Navy and Bright Purple.

Oh Barry M! How much do I love thee, let me count the ways. Great colour range, great prices, great application - I was going to hold off getting any more Barry M polishes until our trip to England next year (I mentioned, didn't I, that we're going to England next year?), but then they sent me an email with a 20% discount code. Well what's a girl to do? Order more polishes is what!

Tangerine was the obvious choice, a dramatic colour to follow the slightly safe Jewels n' Berries:

Oh boy! Know what this colour makes me think of?

Barley sugars!

This is a stunner, barley sugar orange with a lovely shimmer. Really nice application, a few brushstrokes in evidence but not too bad. Two coats, although to be completely opaque I could have gone to three. Love it!

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  1. LOL!! You scare me sometimes woman, and yes, I do like Jewels n' Berries :P

    The orange is stunning though, gorgeous colour but I think possibly a bit much for my darker skin? Racing Green and Navy look yum too :D