10 July 2009

More swatching - Barry M and L.A. Girl

I went through several polishes today, which is all good for you my pretties because you get more swatches!

First I put on Barry M Racing Green:

Now you're looking at this thinking 'Selina will totally love this one' aren't you? And with good reason - I love green polish, I love dark blue polish, therefore a dark bluey-green should be a shoe-in. But you know what, I don't like it. It's weird really, looking at it I know it is a stunning colour, and there will be a lot of people who absolutely love it, but somehow it just doesn't do it for me. I think it's because the addition of a blue tint to green makes for a very cold colour. It did apply nicely though. I think this is three coats, and check out the big smudge on my pinky - I only realised it was there when I uploaded the picture! I must have done it while I was taking the pictures, and then I took the polish off straight away so I never noticed it!

Once Racing Green came off I decided to go for something bright and cheerful. Barry M Cyan Blue:

Gorgeous! This is one bright and cheerful colour. It's perfect for wearing on a cold winter's day (like today) because every time I look at it I feel happy! Two coats - almost opaque in one coat. There was a lot of dragging and ridging as I applied it but it's one of those wonderful self-levelling polishes - within seconds any ridges that were there had levelled out leaving a lovely smooth glossy finish.

I thought that was it for the day, but then I managed to bump my polish before it had dried properly and smudge my thumb something shocking. So off came Cyan Blue and on went L.A. Girl Rock Star Heavy Metal:

I am so in love the the L.A. Girl Rock Star collection - so much so that I'm seriously tempted to order the remaining polishes in the set. Heavy Metal is gorgeous, and totally lives up to the Rock Star title - you wouldn't look out of place with this on your tips at a Metallica concert!

This is a black base packed full of tiny silver glitter which makes it look charcoal grey. Heavy Metal has more of a matt finish, even with Seche Vite over the top. Like all the L.A. Girl polishes application was great - two coats, no dragging or streaking and dried super fast. I think Rock Star may well be my favourite polish collection.


  1. i seem to love all barry m polishes i see swatched on blogs haha, i need to get me some!! great pics :)

  2. I am super impressed with Barry M, and such reasonable prices, even though shipping to New Zealand is GBP8.00, if I buy a whole lot of polishes at once it is totally worth it. And you know I'm going to be stocking up big time when we go to England next year!