13 July 2009

A potpourri of swatching

Lots of swatches today. 13 Year Old Daughter, her friend and I watched Bride Wars and I swatched while I watched. (Hehehe, nice rhyme Selina!)

First, a find from one of the local dollar stores. I think the brand is Winniax (Winwax? Wineax?). All the writing on the back is Asian so no idea what the colour is called.

Look at the moist doggy nose!

Nice colour, palest mint green that reminds me of the little knitted booties all my great aunties made when I was pregnant and we didn't know what sex the baby was! But: Worst. Application. Ever. Streaking and dragging and bald spots in all four coats and then it took forever to dry even with a top coat of Seche Vite. As cute as the colour is it doesn't wow me enough to put up with the application, so this one's going in the bin (it was only NZ$3.00 after all).

Next, China Glaze Solar Power:

Not bad application for a yellow. Some streaking on the first couple of coats, but the third coat fixed it up nicely. Quite a nice warm yellow shimmer, but I do not like this on my skin tone at all.

So on to Max Factor Nailfinity Disco Pink:

Yes I am aware there's only one finger in that photo! Just when I was about to take the pictures a nice man came to the door trying to sell me tree felling services. When I got rid of him I'd forgotten what I was doing and started to take the polish off before taking the photos. My bad!

Anyway, lovely application. This is super-pigmented and almost opaque in one coat. No streaking or dragging, nice formula. 13 Year Old Daughter loved the colour - it was a bit too pink for me (not being a lover of pink polishes) so off it came.

And last, a Cuinong polish (no name, number 285). Now a note about Cuinong polishes: I picked this one up from the local dollar store for NZ$3.00. I've seen the same polishes being sold on TradeMe for upwards of NZ$5.00, which means that by the time you've added postage on you could be tripling (if not more) the actual cost of the polish. Shop around!

Anyhoo, here's the swatch:

The colour is more green than in the photo - astro turf green. It reminds me of my favourite shirt from 1984. Promise not to laugh?

It had a tie people! Back in 1984 it didn't get much cooler!

Anyway, not bad application (the polish, not the shirt), three coats but for some reason the polish is more transparent at the tips of my nails than on the rest of the nail. The colour looks plasticky and artificial and I quite like it!

And that's all my swatches for today. You're still laughing about the photo aren't you? Sheesh.


  1. How cute you were in you stylish shirt! Nice polishes. Look pretty on you.

  2. Oh how I loved that shirt AND I was so proud that I could actually tie the tie properly myself!