09 July 2009

Review - Barry M Navy

If I had to choose one colour family as my favourite in nail polishes it would be the blues, and particularly navy blues. Up until now my favourite navy blue polish has been O.P.I. Light My Sapphire. But gorgeous as it is - and it is - it's been replaced by this:

Oh baby! That's Barry M Navy, and I love it. You know the colour of the sky just after sunset but before it turns black? That's what the deep blue of this polish reminds me of. Lovely application, three coats to be completely opaque and a gorgeous gloss with just a hint of shimmer. Unlike many deep dark colours which can look almost black in some lights this is blue no matter what lighting you're looking at it under.

Also, check out my nails. Longer they is!


  1. Oh god that is pretty... and I really hope I can pull a colour like that off!

  2. Only one way to find out my dear! The great thing about nail polish is, if you don't like it you take it off and start again!