31 July 2009

Shoes, shoes and purple tutus

What did we do, my pretties, in the days before teh interwebs? How did we shop? Obviously we went to the local shops, but before teh interwebs someone like me in little old New Zealand could never have bought ridiculously cheap stuff in the asos sale without getting on a plane and flying there. I love teh interwebs!

A big box arrived today, and between me squealing and the dogs barking the courier man looked quite concerned.

Here's the box:

Umm, yeah, that would be Fred in the box. He didn't come with the box, obviously. He quite liked the poofy plastic things, until I stood on one and it went POP!

Here's the first pair of shoes, modelled by 13 year old daughter (her feet are slightly smaller than mine, but does that stop her from 'borrowing' my shoes, noooooooooo!):

Here's the second pair of shoes (pink!):

And a doggy bum!

The shoes were something like £7.00 each - wow!

And here's what I bought for 13 Year Old Daughter:

Damn camera-hogging dogs.

There was squealing when she saw the tutu. It was only £5.00, so I bought one for her BFF as well, which means there'll be more squealing when she comes over this afternoon.

Did I mention how much I love teh interwebs?


  1. um mum... its bestie or best mate, BFF is like for 7 year olds or whatever! lolz :P

  2. OMG, I'm so, like, old or whatever!

  3. I love both pairs of shoes. Love the first pair the most. Sexy! The tutu is to adorable. I'd want one to wear around the house myself. I'm sure the "besties" will have a terrific time with those tutus.

  4. 13 Year Old Daughter wore the tutu with the black shoes to the pet shop. The. Pet Shop! Then yesterday we took the whole family plus her bestie to the movies and they both wore their tutus!