24 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Amarena dress

I'm sitting at the computer in my pyjamas (which say Yummy Mummy on the front, because I am) staring bleary eyed at the screen. You see I've been to bed already, and failed to get to sleep, what with the dogs barking at neighbours that go bump in the night and the Eccentric English Boyfriend watching Harry Potter movies in the lounge beneath our bedroom. So I decided to get up again and do some pretty-hunting, and it seemed only appropriate to look for pretty sleepwear.

And what a pretty I found for you:

Such a gorgeous nightgown, which could also be worn as a dress were you brave enough. I'm not so brave, but I would feel deliciously sexy wearing this to bed! US$85.00 from madeinitaly on Etsy.

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