30 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: seaglass earrings

So here's a new fact I learned today: seaglass (also known as beach glass) is glass that has washed ashore either from shipwrecks or glass that has been thrown overboard from ships. Some of it can be up to a century old, and it is believed that with the decline of the manufacture of glass bottles and the continued use of plastics, eventually there will be no more glass washing onto beaches.

Beach Glass Memories on Etsy have some gorgeous sea glass jewellery made from glass washed up on the shores of Lake Erie. 13 Year Old Girl chose these earrings as today's pretty:

These are called the Stimulus Package Special Seaglass Earrings, because according to Beach Glass Memories "these $15.00 seaglass earrings are a small purchase, but that's how it all starts to get our economy back on its feet". And they're cute!


  1. Part of the problem I have with a lot of jewellery like this is that I know I could make it myself.

    Just looking at the design componants, I could replicate this exactly. Of course it wouldn't be sea glass, but really, no one on the street looking at these would know that they were sea glass anyway :P

  2. p.s. when I get paid, we should go bead shopping and then back to my place for me to teach you the basics so you and daughter can make yer OWN pretties!

  3. Oh yes! We've made a few bits and pieces ourselves, it is lots of fun!

    I love the idea that these pieces are all unique, depending on what's washed up1