21 August 2009

More hauls, and nail polish bottle constructions

Just a couple of hauls for you. I'm waiting for my big order from the Overall Beauty sale to arrive, and then I'm putting a moratorium on my spending for a while because I'm saving my pennies for a trip to Melbourne within the next couple of months. It's my big reward from the Eccentric English Boyfriend for quitting smoking (nearly two months now by the way - yay me). Initially he was going to buy me expensive shoes once I hit three months smoke free, but then we hit upon the idea of a long weekend trip to Melbourne. My best friend from high school (back in the day) lives there now and I'm super excited about seeing her, and also visiting another high school friend who now has a wee tot. Plus I hear the shopping is awesome! Woo and also hoo! Flights yet to be booked (yay for paying with airmiles), excitement building ...

Anyway back to the hauls. First another parcel from my wonderful UK friend Ewa:

Left to right: Collection 2000 Green With Envy, Boots 17 Peacock (which the lovely Glittermillie has coincidentally just blogged about), Hot Looks Show Off, Rimmel Blue Me Away and Hot Looks BMX Bandit.

Have any of you ever seen the movie BMX Bandit? If not search it out, just to see a very young Nicole Kidman back in the 80's when her hair was curlier than a trampoline spring.

Rimmel Blue Me Away just happened to be one of the polishes I got in my KMart haul the other, but the double up was my fault because I'd told Eva Rimmel was not commonly available in New Zealand and then I found a great big display of them in KMart. But that's ok because the extra one will find a good home with 13 Year Old Daughter's bestie.

Next a couple of polishes from TradeMe:

Love My Nails Raspberry Sorbet

O.P.I. Monsooner Or Later

I was so cross when I opened the packet the Monsooner Or Later came in to discover it is a little itty-bitty-teeny-weeny 3.75ml mini. Then I went back to the listing and realised it very clearly listed the size so it was my own silly fault for not reading more carefully (normally I'm so careful to not buy the minis). It's incredibly annoying because the price I paid was far too much for a mini. Lesson (hopefully) learned.

Finally, 10 Year Old Son has been home sick with a cold the last couple of days, and he was obviously a bit bored because I kept finding these on the desk:

Nail polish towers! I love the way the Kit bottle at top right is teetering so precariously. Every now and then I would hear the clink clink bang of polish bottles falling over, none were broken thank goodness. Bless him!


  1. I was hoping you would post the pictures of the towers!! Tell him good work and I said he is a cutie!!! :)

  2. That hot looks show off is my fave polish at the moment! I did show it in a blog but I think I'd covered it in glitter... (me? cover it in glitter? surely not) I hope you like it too!

  3. Brooke I'll tell him but he acts very put-upon when I tell him how cute he is! I keep telling him that one day he'll love it when girls tell him he's cute, but that just makes it worse :D

    Glittermillie, you wouldn't be you if you didn't cover it in glitter! I put it on the other day and loved it, and 13 Year Old Daughter is currently rocking it on her nails.

  4. He is a handsome boy! Love the towers. Boys just can't keep their hands from doing things like that. Nice collection of blues you got. I hate mini's. I think they're too much money.