26 August 2009

A special request from 10 Year Old Boy

10 Year Old Boy is home sick again today (vomitting this time - but it's ok, he was at his dad's last night so I didn't have to clean up after him!). So of course the first thing he did was grab a pile of polishes, make a tower out of them and demand that I post a picture on my blog!

So here he is, my gorgeous boy:

Bless! Next time he can write the blog post himself!


  1. Selina, he's really SUCH a cutie!

  2. lol - yes you should make him write his own post, I would love to read it!!

  3. What's a boy to do! He just has to do this. I think it's genetic. He's a handsome boy. Hope he's doing much better and not getting sick all over you!