09 September 2009

How do these things always happen to me?

Spend enough time perusing beauty blogs and you'll read many amusing (and often cringe-worthy) stories of mishaps in the quest for beauty. You know the ones I mean: the "Holy Mother I Thought Childbirth Was Painful" bikini wax, the "No I Haven't Had Chemotherapy" eyebrow tweezing mishap and the perennial celeb favourite, the "No My Parents Weren't Oompa-Loompas Why Do You Ask?" self-tanning application.

By now you've figured what this is leading up to haven't you? Yep, I had a little beauty mishap all of my own yesterday morning. I was curling my eyelashes as per usual, with my trusty drugstore eyelash curler, and just as I clamped down on the handles my arm suddenly and for no discernible reason twisted spastically and my hand clenched even tighter on those handles. And then there was pain. Seriously, PAIN! I screamed, my eyes watered and I hopped around the bedroom swearing and holding my hand over my eye, assuming that the pain was because I'd trapped my eyelid in the curlers. But then my eyes stopped watering and I looked down to see, sticking out of the curlers' rubber pad, ALL MY FREAKIN' EYELASHES. At least that's what I thought at first, turns out on closer inspection it was only about one quarter of the eyelashes from the inner end of my left eyelid. About one quarter of my eyelashes which had been wrenched out of my eyelid roots and all! Seriously, how the hell does this happen? I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet clumsy enough to wax their eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

Friends who've been subjected to a close up view of the bald area assure me it's not that noticeable unless you actually know it's there (especially with the judicious use of some black eyeliner). I'm not sure I believe them though, they're either trying to make me feel better or they're laughing so hard they can't see how bad it really is.

Still, they'll grow back.

They will grow back right?

So what about you my pretties? What clumsy/stupid/painful mishaps have happened to you in the quest for beauty? Please share, it will make me feel better.

Oh and as you go about your day chortling to yourself at my clumsiness, just remember one thing: if you live in Auckland, the same person who did this also drives a car. Just saying.


  1. This is still making me chuckle! Hahaha! I don't know why though... karma will come bite me in the bum and I'll do something even worse!

    When I was a teenager I had just got to the stage where I realised a monobrow wasn't a good look so I started plucking. All went ok. A few months later I was bored with all the plucking so decided shaving would be far quicker... whilst holding the razor, a similar thing happened to my arm that happened to yours... I slipped and shaved off a massive chunk of my eyebrow!! It was not a good look. I used eyeliner to cover it up and got away with it for a while but then one day decided to go swimming with some friends... my friends are still laughing now at what they saw that day. Needless to say I never tried to shave my eyebrows again!

  2. I have feathery hair in my side-burn area (NO, it's not man side-burns!!) When I noticed it for the first time, I shaved them off -- not knowing when to stop, I also shaved about half the side of each head! Not to match, oh no! My mom noticed the next day when she did my hair. I will never forget the scream ...

  3. I think the moral so far is that unless you're a boy razors and faces don't mix!

  4. Hahaha, aww! That must have been awful. When I was a teenager I decided I despised my widow's peak and it had to go. I didn't know why a hairdresser had never chopped it off before. Umm, it didn't go so well. Hahaha! It was very short, and very unbecoming. I've never messed with it again. I guess I wanted a straight across hairline, which I'll never have!

  5. Nicole that's hilarious - I can just imagine how bad it must have looked!

  6. You ladies are a riot! I've never had a go at the razor thing like that. I have mostly always cut my own hair. I used to have short hair. I was cutting my hair when I was tired and sleepy (that's a no-no). I kept feeling the back of my hair and one side felt longer than the other. Well my hair was about 2 inches long when I got done. My Mother yelled at me for making my hair so short. I usually did a nice job and got compliments. Joan of Arc I was not.

  7. Lucy I'm so impressed that (aside from that one incident) you manage to cut your own hair. I occasionally used to cut my own fringe, and even that was often a disaster!