17 September 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Magnolia opal earrings

Hello my pretties, I have returned! Actually I returned on Monday, it's just taken me a while to get round to posting due to my ex-husband's kidney stones. I kid you not - I've been ferrying him to and from the hospital over the last few days.

Anyway I had a wonderful, and all too short, visit to Melbourne. I am in the process of taking pictures of my haul for you, but in the meantime let's resume normal services with a pretty for today. My wonderful friend Nic (who deserves a medal and quite possibly a sizeable cash reward for her unrelenting patience after spending several hours trailing behind me laden with bags while I oohed, aahed and squeaked at all the pretties) introduced me to Magnolia, who have the sweetest reasonably priced jewellery. I absolutely love Opals, which also happen to be my birthstone, and fell in love with this gorgeous opal ring:

Of course I bought it! AU$28.00 at Magnolia Australia stores or £16.00 on their website. I think these earrings would be the perfect match, don't you:

£21.00 on the website.

Also, is this not the awesomest thing ever:

That, my pretties, is a makeup vending machine. Seriously. Feed it AU$4.00 and it will supply you with perfume, lip gloss, bronzer or mascara. Could life get any better?

Actually yes, yes it could:

See the blissed out look on my face there? I'm getting a massage. At 2am. In the courtyard of a bar. In the middle of Melbourne. Isn't she adorable - I wanted to take her home with me. AU$20.00 for a ten minute massage, and it was one of the best massages I've ever had.


  1. Very pretty ring. Opal is my birthstone also!Aren't the best opal from Australia? I love them and wish I had more. I do have a couple of rings and earrings. I'd love a nice big stone. Most of my opals are the white variety. I'd love the really colorful ones. That's nice getting a message. I could use one now. Can't wait to see your haul.

  2. Hi Lucy, Australia is a great place to buy opals. Like you I love the colourful ones.