20 September 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: West Auckland beaches and Blue Fish paua earrings

One of the wonderful things about living where we do in West Auckland is that we are within 20 minutes drive of some truly stunning beaches like Kakamatua, where we took the dogs for a walk today.

Click on the pictures for the big (really big) versions - I love wild West Auckland beaches. That's 14 Year Old Daughter and her boyfriend in the bottom photo, how cute are they?

I came home with a gorgeous piece of paua - there were literally hundreds of pieces of paua (and other shells) washed up all along the beach. Paua is a species of abalone native to New Zealand, and was traditionally highly valued by Maori who used it among other things to form the eyes of their carvings.

These days paua is mostly found in souvenir shops and because of this finding it used in a way that isn't unbelievably tacky is difficult. I do like these Blue Fish paua earrings though. Their beautifully simple shape allows the natural beauty of the paua to shine through.

NZ$67.50 from Flying Fish Design. Click here for a blog post featuring some lovely paua earrings.


  1. Very pretty and interesting reading :) I love the rock formations on the sides. The dogs look like they're having fun exploring. The earrings are lovely :)

  2. Oh wow! What a treat to have such gorgeousness so close by, I'd be hard pressed not to go there every day. Thank you for sharing it! And the paua is exquisite, those earrings are seriously lovely.

  3. How beautiful is that place. I don't think I'd want to go home. I love looking at water. Thanks for showing the pictures