23 October 2009

SQUEE! And then more squee

I am one very bouncy blogger this morning, as I won a competition. The wonderful Mary over at Body and Soul (go show her some love) ran a giveaway of the new Essie Sweet Time of the Year Collection:

Can you even begin to imagine how excited I am about getting my paws on Mint Candy Apple?

So I've been bouncing around the house this morning attempting to share my excitement with all. The Eccentric English Boyfriend was decidedly underwhelmed. The conversation went like this:

EEB (sarcastically): Yes, very nice dear.
Me: But it's three less polishes that I have to buy.
EEB: Given the breadth of polishes available out there I rather doubt that. You'll just find other polishes you want to buy. In fact I rather suspect this will just feed your addiction.
Me: But I love nail polishes! And I told you I wouldn't buy any more shoes for a while, and I haven't, have I?
EEB: That's because you haven't left the house!
Me: But that wouldn't stop me because I can buy them online ... WAIT! Does that mean that as long as I don't leave the house I can buy shoes?

At this stage EEB went a very funny colour. Bless.

Anyway just when I thought my day couldn't get any more exciting, Mr Courier Man dropped three parcels off. Ok one of them was for EEB - software or something. But the other two were for me.

First up from Mika J, a nail art instruction book, and a pack of 12 nail art pens:

Look at the Fred whiskers at the bottom!


He was checking to make sure I hadn't bought any shoes.

Here's the other six colours in the nail art set:

Then a box from asos. Because they were having a sale AND they sent me a £10.00 off voucher for my birthday. So, you know, it would have been rude not to buy something!

So I got the cute tshirt that I blogged about:

They didn't have it in my size, so I bought one for 14 Year Old Daughter.

Then some Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which I've been reading rave reviews about:

I'm interested to see how this goes, because a lot of primers and eye creams make my eyes water. Not a good look.

Then this gorgeous dress, which I had to put on straight away:

It's purple! And it disguises the wobbly bits! Also - LAWKS my mirror needs a clean.

And finally these little cuties by Rocket Dog:

Aren't they adorable ... oh ... yeah ... they're shoes. But no, it's totally ok because I'm pretty sure I ordered them before the no-shoe-buy promise. Pretty sure. And anyway, sale AND £10.00 off birthday voucher. Totally justified. Totally.


  1. You actually said "lawks" ?? It's time for an intervention Pixi ... we all love you very much, but you get 1 nail polish and 2 pairs of shoes .. and that's it.

  2. Ooohh Mint Candy Apple and Lollipop look delicious! WANT!
    Also need to come over and collect my sparkly rubies :D

    I agree with Val, any further nail polishes you receive shall be confiscated and added to my own meagre collection ;)

  3. It's a tough life for a blogger when even her own friends are ganging up on her and attempting to deprive her of pretties!

    Zeb, I rather suspect your motives there ... :-P

  4. Hang on a sec, what do I get? BTW Pix, could you remove Vacant Chimps and replace it with 1200mm? Sorry to be a pain in the wobbly bits.

  5. Val the first part of my comment was directed at the both of you! And yes, am just correcting now ...

  6. I want that Mint polish. That's nice that you won them. Love the dress, looks very nice. Those shoes are cute also.