02 November 2009

All I want for Christmas: Dismember Me Plush Zombie

It probably goes without saying that any products featured in "All I Want For Christmas" are most likely things I'd like to receive myself. In fact some of them may just be blatant hints to The Eccentric English Boyfriend.

Attention: Eccentric English Boyfriend

HINT ...



What could be more awesome than a plush Zombie that you can dismember and reassemble? That's so many kinds of awesome! I'm constantly surprised at many many of us lovers of the pretty are also zombie fans! Talk about your polar opposites!

The Dismember Me Plus Zombie is US$12.99 from Think Geek.


  1. I think I need to start avoiding your blog. It's a potential money sucker for sure!!!

  2. So I'm guessing you like the zombie then, Mazoo? :-D

  3. That is one crazy ass zombie. I like it.

  4. It is awesome! Between that and the Pac-Man bangle I'm seriously fighting some online splurging!

  5. That's brilliant. Both husband and child would love that too.