08 November 2009

As seen in ...

If you've been with me for a while you will have seen a few pieces from Dorothy Perkins turn up in the Daily Dose of Pretty. Well the lovely people at Dorothy Perkins have started their own blog about style, fashion and beauty. Called Style Society, they'll be presenting fashion and style news from Dorothy Perkins, tips and tutorials from celebrity hair stylists and make up artists, and news about fashion events and promotions

The current theme on Style Society is Going Out / Staying Out and as part of the launch they approached fashion bloggers from around the world to submit posts including - drum roll please - yours truly. My post will be up within the next couple of weeks, obviously I'll let you know as soon as it is, and in the meantime I have a treat for you my pretties. Dorothy Perkins have given me a discount code which will give you 25% off - just enter DPVIPD at the checkout and, as we say here in New Zealand, Bob's your uncle*.

Here are some pretties that I - *cough* - might have accidentally bought. 25% off people - need I say more! (I may have even bought shoes, actually, because 25% OFF.)

Uttam black floral dress, £15.00 (down from £30.00 in their sale).

White butterfly hoops, £5.00.

And remember the green square toe bar shoes I blogged about? Well the purple ones were on sale, and as much as I love the green I figure I'll get more wear out of purple. And did I mention 25% off?

Purple square toe bar shoes, £20.00 (down from £30.00 on sale).

Oh and how unbelievably cute is this?:

It's a cute little squirrel hottie with a wheat bag inside, £8.00 and £1.00 of the sale goes to the Woodland Trust.

* I have no idea who Bob is or why he could claim to be my uncle, it's just something we say.


  1. I don't think shoes count as actual purchases if they're on sale - I mean, you're saving money, right?

    Congrats on the post for DP :)

  2. Congrats on submitting posts to Style Society! 25%off! How's a girl to resist that? Like your selections. Especially the shoes. They are beyond gorgeous.

  3. I want the squirrel! Argh! So cute. Thanks for sharing :)


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