20 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Newport News ankle boot

It's totally not fair, boot wearing season has been and gone here in the antipodes, and the Northern Hemisphere shops are full of gorgeous boots like these just begging to be bought and worn. They even have a bow, like a little present waiting to be opened:

On the bright side, by the time end-of-winter sales roll around in the Northern Hemisphere we'll just be coming in to winter down here. But I love them and I want them RIGHT NOW - and then if I did buy them they'd sit there in my wardrobe all through summer taunting me: "nyer nyer nyer, we're so pretty and you can't wear us cos it's summer, it sucks to be you". Obviously that's how my shoes talk to me all the time - they have very little respect.

The cuff on these ankle boots can be worn up or folded down. I love the shape of the toe, and of course the bow is just too cute. They are also available in black, but I'm really in love with them in grey. US$44.00 at Newport News. Which if you think about it is actually a jolly good price. Because I needed more temptation. Those talking boots were right, it sucks to be me!

1 comment:

  1. They are really cute. Let them talk in your closet till you can wear them in the Fall.