06 December 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: 1960's White Silk Silver Beads Tea Length Dress

Good morning my pretties, it's Sunday and I've been up since 6am. I am not impressed, 6am is a completely ridiculous hour to be up on a Sunday, especially when I'm child-free because the kids are at their dad's.

Luckily I found Posh Girl Vintage - browsing pretty vintage dresses makes me do happy sighs. Even if I am doing it while clad in my pyjamas, dressing gown and ridiculously cute white fluffy doggie slippers.

In my head this is what I'm wearing:

Probably with some appropriate heels, I suspect the fluffy doggie slippers won't match.

Look at the beading:

*happy sigh* Pretty.

Unfortunately the 1960's White Silk Silver Beads Tea Length Dress is sold, but there are plenty of other pretties on Post Girl Vintage.


  1. I think I wanna love to hate you wench :P

    Currently going through this site and adding links to all my favourite to an email to my dress maker who is currently working on a skirt for me!

  2. It is pretty. Pretty tempting, that is. LOL.

    I'm feeling better today after online talks with my friends & your lovely hugs. Hugs DOES make better. :D

    P.S. Bathroom is still my favourite room at the moment....

  3. Don't worry, everyone, she's gone back to bed to recover from the early morning start.

  4. Zeb: Teehee, evil I is!

    Music: Glad you're feeling better, there are far prettier places than the bathroom to have to spend your time!

    Parsley: It was nice of you not to tell everybody just how long I went back to bed for!

  5. Gorgeous beading. Vintage can be so beautiful and also so hideous. There's always lovely things and then there's the horrid fashion. Happens at every stage.