03 December 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: I can't stay away from this one

You know how sometimes you find something in a shop, and you want to buy it but you think you shouldn't, and then you keep going back and looking at it until either you give in and buy it or it sells out? Well this top is my something:

I am just so much in love with that back detailing.

The front's not too bad either:

*sigh* There's only so much temptation a girl can handle before she explodes, and then there's blood and guts and other unidentifiables everywhere. So really, to save on the carpet cleaning bills I should just go ahead and buy it, yes?

US$49.99 from Evilneedles on Etsy.


  1. Not crazy about the top, but the tatt. looks cute ;-)

  2. The back on that top is so lovely.

  3. Evadne: I didn't even notice the tatt, but yes it is cute!

  4. Love the back details. Something you'd best buy before you explode with want.