06 January 2010

Today's nail: Rimmel Green Grass, and my Christmas polishes

My polish stash got a few additions on Christmas Day.  The Eccentric English Boyfriend gave 14 Year Old Daughter and me these:

Four Miki minis (hehe - Many Miki Minis - try saying that five times fast!). Miki never name their polishes, or even give them numbers, but aren't they lovely? The two oranges are especially appealing.

Another two from EEB:

A brand called Scandal, who I've never heard of before - no prizes for guessing which brand was the inspiration for their bottles! Hot Orange and Lavender Purple (which is less blue and more purple than it appears in the photo).

From 14 Year Old Daughter:

Own brand polishes from a local bargain store The 1 2 3 Dollar Store, no names, numbers 05, 32 and 22.

And from EEB's sister in England:

Rimmel Blue Vogue and Green Grass. I've seen a few Rimmels here in New Zealand, but never these colours. Proof that what we get here is a limited range.

And here is Rimmel Green Grass:

Argh! Why is that middle photo rotated? What are you doing Blogger?

Anyway, awesome bright bright (very nearly neon) green which my camera didn't capture very well.  The bottom picture is closest, but it's still brighter than that.  Nice application, although a little sheer so it took three coats. I disagree with the name though - Green Grass is totally wrong for it.  If I had naming rights I'd call it something cool like 'Alien Blood' or 'Ectoplasm' because that's what it makes me think of!


  1. Ha ha, I love the idea of calling a nail varnish 'Alien Blood'- I would totally buy that! Er, well, no actually I wouldn't, but you know what I mean.....

  2. Green grass is an amazing color.. reminds me of a fresh green apple :D

  3. Oh wow Scandal bottles, lol. How are the polishes though, as good as Nfu Oh? :-)

  4. Halifax: I've used the orange so far, and it wasn't too bad at all. I only have a couple of Nfu Oh polishes, because they're not available here in NZ, so I don't have much to go by but I would say they're not quite as good quality. But I gather from the EEB they were a bargain so I'm definitely happy with them.

  5. They're adorable bottles but not as sexy as Nuf-Oh's. That was sweet of him to buy all those polishes. Love the Rimmel. Your daughter picked out some pretty shades also.