07 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Calypso Skirt from ModCloth

I love swooshy skirts:

This skirt reminds me of when a friend invited me to an open evening at her belly dancing class.  I really enjoyed the belly dancing, but the absolute highlight of the evening for me was the guest Flamenco dancer - I loved the tempo and passion of the dancing, not to mention the gorgeous shoes and swooshy skirts. This skirt would be totally awesome for flouncing around being all Spanish and passionate.  Or you could take your cue from ModCloth who describe it more in pirate wench terms, in which case you'd be wanting to swing a cutlass and say "harrrrr" a lot. Or something.

Whatever you choose to imagine yourself as when you wear it, the Calypso Skirt is US$54.99 from ModCloth.


  1. This is gorgeous! I would LOVE to have that skirt.

  2. A total wench skirt. Now get me Johnny Depp!

  3. Orlando Bloom for me Lucy!