20 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Gidget Bikini

The weather here in Auckland is getting hotter and muggier by the day (What's that you say? It's winter where you are. Man, that's really gotta suck!) and I still haven't found myself a new bathing suit.

This bikini ...

... well this bikini ain't gonna be it. I mean that's one rockingly bodacious bikini, and I love it, but wobbly tummies, stretch marks and cellulite really aren't at their best in something like this. I mean I'm all for dressing in what you love but there have to be limits, and scaring small children is one of my limits!

If, however, you're pert and lithe and slim and most of your parts still point upwards, the Gidget Bikini is on sale for US$25.50 at Pin Up Girl Clothing.

1 comment:

  1. Oh it's cute, and the price is SO reasonable! I wish I still looked like that enough to pull this off. You have SUCH fantastic taste!