07 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: grumpy earrings and a dangerous dog

See this my pretties, this cute, fluffy, butter-wouldn't-melt because I'm such a sweetie face?

Don't let that face fool you my pretties, that dog is a menace. He broke my toe!

Ok in all fairness there was no malice aforethought in Fred's actions, it just happened that I was at the precise point in my stride where all my weight was on my toes and he ran across my bare foot. Ouchies. Big ouchies. I had to curtail today's trip to the mall because I was all "oh woe my toe hurts bad", and I didn't even buy anything! No shopping and sore toe make Selina a grumpy girl.

These earrings are an exact representation of the look on my face when I came home:

Seriously, if I donned a pink dress and grabbed my grey cat Molly who loathes being picked up it would be like looking in a mirror! The Indy Grrrl Earrings are US$12.50 from Indy Grrrl on Etsy, and they're too too cute!

EDIT: Ok you know that thing I do where I taunt you by blogging about something and then end up buying it for myself? Yeah, about that ...

But hey, it put a smile on my face and when Selina's happy everyone's happy right? Right?

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