14 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Kellie Eyelet Dress from dELiAs

Apparently winter must be on it's way. I know this because winter clothes have started arriving in the stores, and all the summer stock is on sale. Funny really, because it's blazing hot outside - it seems that the summer sales start earlier every year, which means earlier every year we have to come to terms with the inexorable slide towards winter. Still it's not all bad, I can buy lots of summer clothing in the sales and still have plenty of summer left to wear it.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, however, I know you're probably overjoyed to see the summer clothes starting to appear in your stores. Some of you have had a pretty rotten winter!

To put you in a summery kind of mood, here's a cheerful wee dress for you:

See, isn't that pretty? Doesn't it make you think of blue skies, fluffy white clouds, picnic baskets and frolicking through the fields picking daisies? Ok maybe not so much on the frolicking, but can't you just feel the sun on your skin?

The Kellie Eyelet Dress is US$44.50 from dELiAs.

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