01 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: look out there's a spider in your hair!

Today's pretty is another that should come with a warning for the arachnophobic. Sorry guys, I know some of you don't consider anything with spiders on it to be pretty, but I really do love them. But hey, look on the bright side - if you're a slug-phobic like me you'll never have to worry about seeing them on here. Not ever. Ever ever ever. *shudder* Also, The Slug That Ate Manhatten was on our bedroom deck last night. I kid you not it was HUGE. Our rabbit lives out there, and I was genuinely scared that I was going to go out there this morning and find the damn slug had eaten it, it was that big!

I've been buying a lot of hair accessories lately. I think it's because the bob I'm currently sporting (which is quite frankly the Best Haircut Ever) means I can't put my hair up, and sometimes I just want to get it off my face. I think I need these hair clips:

I wouldn't, however, wear these to my best friend's (who is also the Best Hairdresser Ever) house - she's terrified of spiders and also pregnant so I don't really want to freak her out. Also, yay for pregnant friends!

The Kreepsville Spider Hair Bow Clip is US$16.00 from PinUp Girl Clothing.

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