10 March 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: My Pet Octopus Cuff from ModCloth

I have to admit Octopi (see how I used the correct form of the plural there) kind of give me the creeps. Those wriggly waving tentacles are all a bit wormy for my liking, and we all know how I feel about worms. *shudder*

This cuff from ModCloth is not in the slightest bit creepy though, I could definitely see it adorning my wrist without causing me to shriek and flail every time I saw it:

See? Isn't she cute? Not wormy in the slightest. (Did someone say worms? *shudder*) The My Pet Octopus Cuff is US$15.99 from ModCloth and is also available in silver.

Cute story for you: When 14 Year Old Daughter was a wee dot she saw an octopus on TV and exclaimed to me: "Look, you can see it's testicles!". That story is now so ingrained in our family memory that we all have a hard time remembering to refer to them correctly as 'tentacles' - most embarrassing on family trips to the aquarium!

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