27 April 2010

Do not adjust your sets

I'm in the midst of some techical problems my pretties, my commenting system Intense Debate decided to stop working so I've had to disable it and return to blogger's commenting system. Which is fine, except all the comments submitted using Intense Debate have disappeared. ARGH! I'm not sure whether there's any fix for this, but I suspect not. So if you're looking back through old blog posts and see there aren't any comments, or looking for a comment you made or a comment you wanted to reply to and you can't see it, that's because it's been sucked into teh interwebs never to be seen again.

Luckily I've save ALL the emailed notifications about comments, which means that I still have all the lovely comments on my giveaway. I haven't made the draw yet, so it would have been a complete disaster if they'd all disappeared.

So a huge thank you to all of you who take the time to comment, even if your comment's not there any more it meant a lot to me.

Also: Grrrrr. Grumble. Mutter. ARGH!

Edit: I've found the history page on Intense Debate, which saves all the comments submitted using Intense Debate. This makes drawing the giveaway winner even easier. Unfortunately their export to Blogger feature is currently disabled due to bugs so there's currently no way of getting the comments back onto the blog. 

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