30 April 2010

I'm Loving: Zoya Remove + nail polish remover

I plan to start doing more product reviews here on Pretty Clever and as part of that today I'm introducing a new series entitled I'm loving, which will feature the products I use on a regular basis. Of course any reviews here on Pretty Clever are my own opinion, and what works for me may not necessarily work for someone else. Also, I promise that my reviews will always be honest, regardless of whether the product has been sent to me for review or not (and if the product has been sent to me for review I will always make that clear). If you have any questions or comments about any of the products you've seen here ask away - I love hearing from you!

Today I'm featuring a product that for me is the be all and end all of nail polish removal: Zoya Remove +. I change my polish daily, and have very soft weak nails, so my nail polish remover needs to be gentle while still removing the polish effectively. I've tried a myriad of different removers in my time, and they've all worked to a greater or lesser extent. I keep a bottle of pure acetone on hand for removing those pesky glitter polishes, and it works brilliantly but dries my nails and skin out horribly. Most acetone-based formulas tend to be drying, and I've often found that the ones with added moisturisers to combat this will leave an oily film over the nails which itself needs to be removed or the nail polish won't adhere properly.

Acetone-free formulas, while being kinder to nails, generally don't remove the polish as well and I often find myself scrubbing at my nails to get the last of the polish off which in itself is very damaging. I've also found that many non-acetone removers have a very unpleasant scent - one was so bad it went straight into the bin because of the nausea and headaches it brought on!

Zoya Remove + is a low-acetone formula which claims to "moisturise, nourish and fortify the nail plate and also act as both a nail cleaner and nail prep, removing all traces of nail lacquer without streaking or staining", and I have to say it does what it says on the bottle.

I was pleasantly surprised that a low-acetone formula could remove polish as well as this - it's surprisingly close to pure acetone in the removal stakes, yet not at all drying. In fact quite the opposite - my nails and cuticles looked healthy and moisturised after using it. The nail plate is left shiny and clean with no filmy residue.

Remove + is described as having a lavender fragrance, and certainly it is pleasantly fragranced (I think I can detect lavender in there) - there's no having to leave doors and windows open while using it and no headaches from the fumes.

The 240ml Big Flipper bottle is a handy fella, with a flip top lid and pump action dispensing mechanism allowing for one-handed use, and a 960ml refill bottle is also available - very handy for someone like me who goes through a lot of nail polish remover.

Price-wise Remove + is at the more expensive end of the spectrum. In New Zealand the 240ml Big Flipper is NZ$29.00 which obviously is considerably more than your standard drug store nail polish remover, but the 960ml refill is NZ$40.00, so for NZ$11.00 more you're getting four times the amount.

For product availability near you see the Zoya website. In New Zealand the Zoya range (including polishes) is available online from Sudo-Mistair, who also stock the Qtica range - note the prices on their website and quoted above are exclusive of GST. I've purchased from them several times and I am impressed with their customer service and speed of delivery.

What about you, my pretties? Have you tried Remove + and what do you think of it?

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  1. Great review. I really want to give that one a try.