24 April 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Emily shoulder bag from Etsy

You know, I'm pretty sure that at some time over the last few months I'd made mention of the fact that I wasn't a handbag person. That in spite of my obsession with pretty things (shoes, nail polish, shoes, dresses, shoes, makeup, shoes, lingerie, shoes, jewellery, did I mention shoes?) I'd never found myself cooing over a handbag.

And then I did a few posts about pretty handbags.

And guess what happened? Yeah. Turns out I now have a handbag obsession. I've even somehow managed to buy myself several. Which I've not yet used.

So here's a pretty handbag:

The Emily navy cord shoulder bag is US$75.00 by EmmaGordonLondon on Etsy. I want it. I'd never use it. It's rough being me some days, I tells ya!

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