13 April 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Rosalie Button Shootie from FrockYou

First up, can I just say I think 'shootie' is a very silly word. When I own these beautiful shoes I will most certainly not be saying "do you like my new shooties". At least not with a straight face. I will be saying "do you like my new shoes". A lot. Because when these babies are on my feet I'm going to be showing them off.

Now to find a way to get these babies onto my feet.  Where did I leave The Eccentric English Boyfriend and his credit card?

Look, they're like little tuxedoes for your feet. The Rosalie Button (oh good grief I'm going to have to say it) Shootie is AU$189.95 from Australian company FrockYou, who ship internationally in case you were wondering.

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