11 April 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Serenade Bird Hair Slides by Eclectic Eccentric

How cute and whimsical are these hair slides?

They would be so awesome perched in my hair. And then I could be all "hey little birdie you're really cute and I like your top hat but please don't poop in my hair", and he'd be like "ma'am I'm a plastic bird, I can't poop" and I'd be like "holy s**t I've really got to start having more than a bag of jellybeans and a cup of coffee for breakfast because I totally just hallucinated that that bird in my hair talked to me!". Or something.

The Serenade Bird Hair Slides are £8.50 from Eclectic Eccentric.

Disclaimer: Product does not actually talk. Probably.
Also: Pretty Clever does not in any way recommend jellybeans and coffee as a complete breakfast. Unless you put them on top of your cereal.

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