01 May 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Ivory spot dress from Miss Selfridge

You know those times when you see a dress, fall head over heels in love with it and have to make it yours even though you know with absolute certainty you'd never find the right occasion to wear it? Yep:

Look at the back!

It's so very pretty.  But I can't imagine I'd ever find a need to wear it. So, here's my idea - I buy it, put it on and dance around the house with the vacuum cleaner pretending to be a young ingenue. Then I catch my heel on the cable, careen wildly around the room before tripping over the dog (the small one, not the big one) and getting carted off to hospital where my beautiful new dress is shredded with a pair of emergency room scissors.

Yeah, that didn't end well, did it?

If you lead the sort of life that requires a dress like this it's £45.00 from Miss Selfridge, which is definitely one of the stores I'll be visiting when we go to England in 2 months, 2 days, 15 hours and 48 minutes. Otherwise they do ship internationally.

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