08 May 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: No Tail dove brooch from Bijouled

You know the one thing I don't have in my rather large jewellery collection? Brooches. Aside from a pin that says "I support the SPCA" that is, which doesn't really count even if it does have a very cute labrador on it. As cute as labradors are (don't tell my dogs I said that) it's not really the sort of thing one wears to complete an outfit.

This brooch would definitely add a touch of whimsy to the right ensemble. Also, don't you just love the word 'ensemble'? Saying it makes me feel all chic and fashionista-y. (Yeah. I'm easily amused.):

 The dove brooch by No Tail is available for £12.00 from Bijouled in the UK (who ship internationally) and comes in several pretty colours - I'm particularly partial to the pale green one above.

Ensemble, ensemble, ensemble ... Now say it with a French accent: on-somm-ble. See, you totally feel fashionista-y now, don't you? No need to thank me.

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