15 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Teal Plume clutch bag on Etsy

Yep, I'm looking at bags again:

But this is a clutch bag, rather than a handbag. So that's different, right? Because I'd be able to fit even less of the Mountain of Stuff I Carry Around in it.

Dammit, as a justification that totally didn't work. Still, I love the art nouveau style of the fabric, maybe I can justify it based simply on its prettiness?

The Teal Plume silklined clutch bag is US$75.00 from redrubyrose on Etsy.


  1. It looks a good size for keeping nail polish in....

  2. LOL Evadne Hatte - only one or two though!

  3. I love all her purses sooooo much!!!!

  4. I agree Morgan, I had a hard time choosing just one for the Daily Pretty!