12 October 2010

Today's nails: Barry M Dusky Mauve

In a stunning display of bad timing, Barry M released two new polishes just weeks after we returned from our UK visit. It's obviously a cunning ploy to get me to buy more stuff, because when I'm buying online I'm not going to pay for delivery to New Zealand just for a couple of nail polishes am I? Of course not. At the very least I'm going to add some eyeliner and lipstick to my order.

Dusky Mauve is one of the two new polishes, and it is a stunner.

These purple/greys are everywhere at the moment, and with its lovely pink shimmer Dusky Mauve may well be a dupe for the much-coveted (and considerably more expensive) Chanel Paradoxal. I don't have Paradoxal, so I'll point you to rijaH, who has some great comparison pics.

I love, love, love this unusual colour. These photos are from a couple of days ago, as far as I can remember this was a two-coater. Certainly it had the usual excellent Barry M application. And for only £2.95 from Barry M compared to whatever the cardiac-inducing price of the Chanel is, it's a great buy!


  1. Ooh that is lovely! I haven't seen it... but am def going to see if I can hunt it down now!

  2. That is lovely indeed, and you have such pretty hands! I'm not big on nail varnish myself but I bought some Barry M nail paint varnishes last week and am converted. I can't believe how well they last especially when compared to more expensive brands (e.g. Nails Inc at £10 a bottle chips as soon as you look at it)

    Anyway, hope you're okay m'dear x

  3. i want this so much
    bloody shops dont have them
    not even sure if it's superdrug or boots i should be looking for it either :( xx
    just found out about your blog through sophie from @melovemakeup

  4. Hi @liloo - I'm pretty sure it was Boots that I found Barry M in when we were in England. I love Boots. And Superdrug. *sigh*