15 October 2010

Today's nails: Boots 17 True Blue

Boots 17 is a great range of budget-priced cosmetics by Boots, with some great polish colours in the range. And of course I picked up a few when we were in England.

This is True Blue, and it's gorgeous. I mean it's a no-brainer that I'm going to love a dark blue - it's probably my favourite nail polish shade - but this one is truly stunning.

Apologies for the horrific state of my cuticles - I'd just done housework! Anyway, isn't she a beauty? I have so many blues now that I figure I'd better start learning to tell the different shades apart, so after referring to the Wikipedia Shades of Blue page I think I would describe this as 'Dark Blue'. Yeah, I needed a web page to tell me that. Or maybe 'Ultramarine' - it depends on the lighting. Whatever, I love this blue cream!

Lovely application in two coats - I would call this a must-have if you're a blue polish lover.


  1. LOVE that colour! I think I might try and grab something similar today while I'm out and about :D Reminds me of my favourite nail polish back in the 90's lol.

  2. That colour is GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh, this is lovely... I'm still hunting for my perfect blue, though!