11 October 2010

Today's nails: Eyeko Rain Polish

Rain is perfectly named - this gorgeous grey/blue with a very subtle shimmer is so reminiscent of drizzly skies. In a good way!:

The photo's not the best sorry - I got an awesome new camera for my birthday (yes, today I'm one year away from being 40), and I'm still playing with it.

Without having seen a side-by-side comparison Rain looks very similar to Essie's Sag Harbour, albeit with considerably better application. This was two coats, and although the formula was a wee bit on the thick side and it didn't completely settle to a smooth finish a top coat of Seche Vite smoothed it out beautifully. Absolutely love it.


  1. HAPPY B-DAY! i love this polish so much i have the essie dupe (sag harbor) but bought it anyways!!

  2. Yay, happy B-day! Hope you're having lots of fun :D