07 October 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Cream Ruffle Sleeve Top from Dorothy Perkins

I love the delicate, floaty ruffle sleeve on this top:

Plus, Dorothy Perkins have 20% off online at the moment, so instead of its normal price of £22.00 it is currently £17.60. 

I actually had to add it to my cart to work out the discount for you. Purely to work out the discount, you understand - not to buy it. And to prove that I'm now going to remove it from my cart ...

While I'm doing that you can buy it here.

Still trying to remove it from my cart, seem to be having some difficulty getting my mouse clickey finger to work. Must. Click. Mouse. Must. Not. Buy.


  1. Those 'remove from cart' and 'proceed to checkout' buttons are always so darn close together....

  2. Aren't they though? You'd think they actually wanted me to buy stuff!