09 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Vintage Allure Wiggle Dress

The problem with having children is that certain word associations become irrevocably changed. For instance, I cannot hear the word 'wiggle' without thinking of, well, The Wiggles. Mention 'wiggle dress' and I'm immediately beset with visions of The Wiggles in dresses. It's all fun and games in my imagination, I tell ya.

Still, if The Wiggles were going to wear dresses they could do worse than this one:

I love the bow detailing at the waist, and that fire engine red. It also comes in black, but not yellow, blue or purple so the other the other three Wiggles are plumb out of luck.

The Wiggle Dress is £69.00 from Vintage Allure.


  1. I think it's really unflattering on the legs. Maybe that's just the model or maybe she needs a higher pump.....
    The bow thing, though, is so cute :)

  2. Could be the camera angle too Allya, or the length - I'd prefer a higher hemline. :)

  3. I completely thought of the Wiggles too when I saw the blog title - and I don't have kids to blame it on.... o-0

  4. Get ready, to Wiggle ...

    No need to thank me! :P