31 March 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Picadilly boots from Shoesales.com.au

These are a gorgeous example of what we call, in our most ladylike manner, F**k Me Boots.

A little bit goth, a little bit rock chick and a whole lot Woah Mama! I really wish my legs were a bit longer, but it's a sad fact that when you're five foot tall knee-high boots are more like coochie-high boots!

The Picadilly Boots are AU$258.00 from Shoesales.com.au.

30 March 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Hopeless Lingerie

I discovered Hopeless Lingerie the other day, and I am hopelessly in love.

Do you see what I did there? With the play on words? Clever, huh? Very writer-ry ... writer-ish ... writer-ous ... Clever, huh?

The Babette Camisole made from pale pink modal jersey looks so soft and touchable, along with being pretty.

And how about these cute and sexy Janet Garter Suspender Knickers to go with it?
The camisole is US$60.00 and the knickers are US$48.00 from Hopeless Lingerie.

29 March 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Connect the Dots dress from Bettie Page

Va-va-voom is a phrase I use a lot to describe the dresses I'm drawn to, and it's possibly never been more apt than with this dress:




What else can I say? Figure-hugging. Flattering. Want. With renovations on our house now in the Council-Approved-Waiting-For-Quotes stage I have been on a very serious no-buy (which I've by and large managed to stick to), but I've also just come into a wee bit of money and I'm very seriously tempted to treat myself to this baby. What say you, my pretties? Should I do it?

The Connect the Dots dress in grey is US$88.00 from Bettie Page Clothing, and is also available in green.