29 March 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Connect the Dots dress from Bettie Page

Va-va-voom is a phrase I use a lot to describe the dresses I'm drawn to, and it's possibly never been more apt than with this dress:




What else can I say? Figure-hugging. Flattering. Want. With renovations on our house now in the Council-Approved-Waiting-For-Quotes stage I have been on a very serious no-buy (which I've by and large managed to stick to), but I've also just come into a wee bit of money and I'm very seriously tempted to treat myself to this baby. What say you, my pretties? Should I do it?

The Connect the Dots dress in grey is US$88.00 from Bettie Page Clothing, and is also available in green.


  1. gorgeous!


  2. No don't do it - I finally discovered the details of our kitchen people (on a sticker inside the cupboard door - duh!) coming to an inbox near you soon........ mind you maybe that's just the dress for swanking around a new kitchen in ..

  3. I'm glad to see your posts again :)


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