06 February 2011

Today's nail: Nubar Knight's Armor

You've probably noticed a lack of nail polish posts lately. My nails are in terrible condition at the moment, for a variety of reasons, so while I grow the damage out I'm keeping them nubbin length which I don't think is particularly photogenic. But I've decided to expose my nubbins to the world today because look:

Black jelly base jam-packed full of chunky silver glitter - this is the glory of Nubar Knight's Armor. I love it! The jelly base is relatively sheer, and I used three coats to get to opaque, but there is so much glitter in there that it almost provides the opaqueness on its own!

Of course being full of glitter has one drawback - this was a pain in the patootie to remove. But worth it - so very worth it!

Knight's Armor is from last year's Fortress collection, which was based around greys. I love grey and black based polishes, so you know I'm going to be going to great lengths to get the rest of this collection.

I have a few more polishes I'm dying to show you, including some sparkliness from Color Club's Pardon My French collection, so I guess you'll be seeing more of the nubbins soon!


  1. This is on my list of polishes to get. Wish I could get ANY Color Club at all....

  2. I just ordered this exact colour yesterday and I am super excited for it to arrive - I wish it was here now! It looks amazing.