08 June 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Miss KG Minnie Bow Front Platform shoes from asos

According to the latest email from asos "The brightly coloured stiletto heel is back". I wasn't aware it had ever gone away. I mean why would you want something this gorgeous to go away?

That bow! They had me at red platform stiletto anyway, that bow is just the very pretty icing on a very very pretty cake!

The Minnie Bow Front Platform Court by Miss KG is £80.00 from asos.

07 June 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Red Poppy peplum top from Dorothy Perkins

The Cold That Ate Manhatten is fading gradually. But I'm still defying winter by browsing pretty floral summery styles. I love the oversized poppy print on this top from Dorothy Perkins:

Gorgeous. The Red Poppy peplum top is £18.00 from Dorothy Perkins.

06 June 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Symphony for a Mermaid t-shirt from La Fraise

I'm still in the throes of The Cold That Ate Manhatten, so today's post is going to be short on words because my head hurts and is possibly about to explode. Plus I think I have a fever and my grip on reality may or may not be slightly tenuous. Does anybody else see the goblin in the corner?

So: t-shirt; mermaid; pretty:

The Symphony for a Mermaid t-shirt is €23 from La Fraise.

I'm going to go to sleep now, wake me if the goblin does anything suspicious, kthxbai.

05 June 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Betty dress by Natasha Bailie

Winter has started here in New Zealand. After a warmer than normal May the start of June marked not only the official beginning of winter, but also the beginning of the cold, wet, windy weather. Oh and another head cold for me. So, ummm, yay?

Miserable weather and a miserable cold can mean only one thing - browsing the internet for pretty flowery spring dresses. Of course. And look at this one:

Look at that plunging vee back and that gorgeous oversized bow! The Betty vintage styled dress is £120 from Natasha Bailie, a Singapore-based stockist of vintage clothing who have recently started producing their own range of vintage-styled dresses, of which the Betty is one.

01 June 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Copper Daisy Flower Earrings from Cinnamon Jewellery

Thanks to 12 Year Old Son (who spends more time watching videos on YouTube about his favourite video games than he spends actually playing the damn games), we've reached our internet cap for the month. Which means we're now reduced to dinosaur age dial-up speeds*. Pictures of pretty things take a very long time to load for me right now. Loading a picture goes something like this:

"Oooh, that thumbnail of a pretty [insert name of pretty thing here] looks lovely, I think I'll click on it to make it bigger." Click. Wait. Wait some more. Look at watch. Wait. Decide to make coffee. Realise we're out of coffee beans. Go to supermarket to get more coffee beans. Return. Grind coffee in ridiculously expensive coffee grinder that Eccentric English Boyfriend bought because he's a total coffee snob. Make coffee in coffee machine that cost considerably less than the ridiculously expensive coffee grinder that Eccentric English Boyfriend bought because he's a total coffee snob. While coffee is brewing check screen. Notice a sliver of picture has loaded. Get excited about apparent progress. Nothing further happens. Get annoyed at self for premature excitement. Drink coffee. Wait. Decide to change cat litter. Regain consciousness. Check watch. Considerable time has passed. Make mental note to change cats' diet. Check screen. Picture has loaded. And here it is:

Aren't they gorgeous? Totally worth the wait. The Copper Daisy Flower Earrings are £15.00 from Cinnamon Jewellery on Folksy.

And now I'm going to click "Publish" and make lunch while this post uploads. I'll probably have time to grow my own vegetables for the salad.

* Yes I realise they didn't have dial-up in the dinosaur age. I'm pretty certain they still had faster internet than what we currently have though.