08 June 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Miss KG Minnie Bow Front Platform shoes from asos

According to the latest email from asos "The brightly coloured stiletto heel is back". I wasn't aware it had ever gone away. I mean why would you want something this gorgeous to go away?

That bow! They had me at red platform stiletto anyway, that bow is just the very pretty icing on a very very pretty cake!

The Minnie Bow Front Platform Court by Miss KG is £80.00 from asos.


  1. Aaaaaahh, these are my current shoe temptations! I have the grey and pink version, but I want these ones so much, and just can't justify the price right now. Am desperately hoping they still have some in my size in a couple of months time!

  2. Yes I saw that you posted about these too Amber! Great minds obviously think alike!


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