14 July 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Showgirl Antoinette Corset from What Katie Did

Hello my pretties! I have been remiss - I promised you a month ago that I'd be back to regular blogging, and, well, that was a month ago. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm in a sexy underwear kind of mood at the moment. A trip to the mall yesterday with the singular intention of visiting the Chinese massage place saw me come home with two sets of pretty underwear. Which were on sale, so obviously I can be forgiven. Eccentric English Boyfriend might not agree but he's been away in China for the last month.

One lingerie item I would really love in my wardrobe is a corset. And What Katie Did have some beautiful examples, including this one:

This is a corset designed to be shown off - inside or outside the bedroom! At £189.50 it's not cheap, but then you should expect to pay more for a good quality corset.

The Showgirl Antoinette Corset is available at What Katie Did.

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