15 July 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Pleaser Emily Mary Jane from endless.com

15 Year Old Daughter has been a vegetarian since she was 10 years old. Her commitment to vegetarianism has only increased with time, and her beliefs now extend to her choices in clothing. Wherever possible she avoids leather, so it's really nice to visit endless.com and see that along with the standard search terms such as "boots" or "pumps" they also offer the ability to search for vegetarian shoes.

In a rush of blood to the head I left 15YO with the search results open on my laptop and told her to pick a pair for me to post about. Which she did, but now of course I have to endure the "I really love those shoes they're so pretty please can I have them pretty please mummy dearest who I love very much" face.

Admittedly they are really cute, and since 15YO and I have the same size feet I could always borrow them. Which is not a justification for buying them.

The Pleaser Emily Mary Jane is US$64.95 from endless.com.

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