16 July 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Grace dress from Hubba Hubba Vintage

Sometimes I wish I'd lived in an era when a woman's wardrobe contained "occasion" dresses. House dresses and cocktail dresses and formal day dresses. Especially "formal day dresses" - there's something about that I really like the sound of.

Here's a lovely formal day dress from Hubba Hubba vintage - who do some gorgeous repro stuff.

What I love about this dress is that up close you can see the fabric has a tiny spot print.

So pretty. And that belted waist and full skirt is to die for.

The Grace dress is £150 from Hubba Hubba Vintage.


  1. Man, that first photo confused me so bad. I was thinking, "how come her dress is front of the railing but she's behind it!?" and then I realised that there was a front railing and a back one. Duh.

    Gorgeous dress though!

  2. Ha! I see what you mean - it's like some weird Escher photo shoot!

  3. Pretty. I like the tiny little spots. Although, like LeonaCarolina pointed out, I was slightly worried that the model had been impaled.

  4. Haha, yes! "The horror! The hor ... ooh pretty dress!"